Get Lower Rates on Life Insurance.

We’ve Just Added Another Benefit to Living a Healthier Life.

Focused on Your Health?
Then Stop Overpaying for Life Insurance.

At FitBerry, lower life insurance rates and living a healthy life go hand in hand - because when you take care of yourself, you deserve to be rewarded.
So if you are taking the time to eat right and get exercise, you are improving your quality of life. If you are improving your quality of life, why pay more for life insurance?

Better health. Lower rates. It’s that simple.
Life Insurance made easy & affordable.

How do we do it?

Our reflexive process is based on the science of health.

All you have to do is answer some simple health questions to give us a clear idea of which plan will work best for you.

Everyone is at different levels of their health journey, so we have different life insurance options that reflect this. The process is quick and easy – as you answer the questionnaire, you can qualify for different policies.

With questions about your health, wellness, and fitness goals, we get a better understanding of which plan best suits your needs.

To put it simply – the healthier you are, the less you pay for life insurance.
Learn About Reflexive Process

How to apply?

Step 1

Step 1

Get started by submitting a simple online quote request.
Step 2

Step 2

Our friendly advisor will reach out over the phone and take you through our Reflexive tool to determine your excellent rate.
Step 3

Step 3

If you are happy with your plan, you can purchase it right over the phone and get an e-copy within 48 hours.

Being Health-Conscious Leads to a Healthier 
Life - and Better Rates.

What can you do to get lower-rate life insurance?

Drink more
Drink more water each day.
Walk more
Walk more! About ten thousand steps a day should do. This simple act alone can help reduce the risk of depression by as much as 30%.
Be more physically active
Be more physically active to lose weight. Modest weight loss can help lower type 2 diabetes risk by upwards of 58% in high-risk populations.
Go smoke-free
Go smoke-free. Being considered a smoker can dramatically increase your life insurance rates and leave you susceptible to health issues like cancer.

Little changes and adjustments to your health can help
put you on the right path to more affordable life insurance.