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At Fitberry, we do things a little differently when it comes to applying for life insurance. We 
reward healthy lifestyles with affordable rates, and we make the application for coverage 
simple. The Reflex Questionnaire is our straightforward solution to discovering your plan 
options and rates.
Reflex questionnaire

What is the Reflex Questionnaire?

The Reflex Questionnaire is our specialty designed application process that aligns the best products for your specific life insurance needs. The entire process consists of simple health questions that give us a more in-depth insight into what plan will work best for you. The questionnaire’s journey adapts based on your answers and allows us to get a clear understanding of your overall health.

What type of questions can you expect?

Most of the questions asked are related to your past and present states of health. The questionnaire covers a range of health topics such as pre-existing conditions, terminal illnesses, treatments, transplants, and drug use. It also asks about criminal history, medications you are currently on, and any major surgeries you may have undergone. Finally, the reflex questionnaire also asks for more basic information like your weight and height (overweight/under) according to a set chart.
Health check
Getting reflex questionare rates is easy

How are the rates determined?

Rates are determined based on the answers you provide on the questionnaire and the available plans offered to you after you answer the questions. As with all life insurance plans, your health is what dictates how much your coverage costs. Unlike most insurers, though, we don’t require you to undergo invasive and time-consuming medical exams to determine your rates and qualify. With Fitberry and our Reflex Questionnaire, applying for life insurance and discovering your rates is a much simpler and quicker process.