About Us


Fitberry is part of Specialty Life Insurance, a leading Canadian life insurance provider with a strong focus on simplifying the life insurance process.

With Fitberry, we want to acknowledge the Canadians taking the right steps to ensure that they live a healthy lifestyle. As the life insurance industry tends to focus on making coverage easier for those who have struggled to get insured in the past, we adding to this by also rewarding those people who have put in the time and dedication to keep themselves healthy.

Our plans provide low rates to Canadians living a healthy life. Do you like to go for runs, bike rides, or enjoy working out? Do you take the time to ensure you are eating healthy foods as much as possible? We want to reward you for your efforts in the best way we know how, with low rates for your life insurance coverage. On top of offering low rates to people living a healthy lifestyle, we’ve also simplified the insurance application process.

We’ve taken a look at the life insurance market and have seen too many Canadians fall short of getting insured. With the buying process being one of the most significant barriers for people, we’ve focused our efforts on creating a straightforward and fast application that takes the hassle out of buying life insurance. No medical exams or mountains of paperwork are required to be eligible for coverage. You can rest easy knowing that our application is quick, simple, and gets you the coverage you need without the barriers of traditional life insurance plans.

Our goal is to show people that there is room for simplicity in life insurance. We want to couple this simple insurance coverage with low rates for those making the choice to live a healthy life.