Simplified Life Insurance
for a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Simplified life insurance plans
Our Simplified life insurance plans offer a straightforward application process and lower rates for practicing healthy living – making getting insured for health conscious people easier than ever before.

Simplified life insurance is a permanent life insurance plan that does away with the most significant traditional life insurance barrier, the medical exam. By removing this problematic and demanding step, the application process is much more streamlined and gets you covered faster.

With lifelong simplified coverage, you can ensure that the people who mean the most you have a financial safety net if something happens to you. Make sure your spouse’s way of life remains intact if you pass away. Protect your children’s potential and access to education as they grow up. Keep your home in your family’s hands and cover mortgage costs.

Simplified life insurance provides financial protection for all of life’s milestones and keeps the people who matter most financially secure during a difficult time. While taking care of your health is important, life is unpredictable and it can leave the people you care about in tough situations if you aren’t prepared.

Discover your simplified life insurance options now and get the coverage your family deserves.

Key Product Features

No medical exams required to apply
No medical exams required to apply. Our plans are easy to apply for with a quick application process.
Our simplified life insurance is available for people ages 18-79
Our simplified life insurance is available for people ages
Up to $300,000 in coverage options
Up to $300,000 in coverage options. There is a coverage amount for any need that life throws at you.
Lifetime coverage
Lifetime coverage. With our plan, you always have coverage you need throughout your life, without any interruptions.

Premiums are payable to age 100
Premiums are payable to age 100. Once you reach 100 your premium payments stop.

No paperwork required for coverage
No paperwork required for coverage. Our streamlined application doesn't require you

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