Discover the health benefits of dancing

Discover the health benefits of dancing
09 20, 2021
Enrique Rosales

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Dancing is not only a fun social activity, but it is also a powerful tool to take care of our health. It keeps us in shape, improves blood circulation, and helps burn excess body fat. Also, It helps to increases flexibility, mitigates stress, and keeps our brains active. In short, dance has many positive health impacts. 

When we talk about exercising, the first thing we think about is playing sports or working out at a gym. So we can get discouraged if we identify it with routines and physical effort. However, dance training is an activity associated with fun that, at any age, works excellently to exercise our body and mind and is a good therapy to take care of our health. Now Discover the Health Benefits of Dancing!

What health benefits does dancing bring us?

Dancing is a fun activity that improves our physical and psychological health, so anyone can practice it.

Improves cardiovascular health

Dancing is an aerobic exercise that has similar effects to other sports, such as running or cycling. A dance session improves blood circulation, controls blood pressure, and increases lung capacity. It also helps us burn excess body fat, control cholesterol, and blood sugar level.

Experts emphasize that it is one of the best therapies to have a healthy heart, especially in patients with heart failure, since 50% tend to abandon physical activity after a month. The psychological factor that associates dancing with moments of fun means that physical activity is carried out with less mental effort than it would be if you were practicing another type of exercise, such as running.

Keep your brain active

Dancing involves practicing and remembering routines, choreographies, and movements. It also requires improvisation, which helps develop brain activity and improve coordination. A study on the elderly published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that frequent dancing helps ward off the effects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Strengthens the musculoskeletal system

Dancing strengthens bones, tones muscles, improves flexibility, increases joint elasticity, and increases body resistance. Thus, dancing prevents osteoporosis, common joint diseases, strengthens the back muscles, helps correct poor posture, and relieves back pain that they cause. In addition, dancing improves physical performance and increases the energy level in adults.

Dancing Prevents depression, anxiety and reduces stress

Dance and music movement therapy trigger hormonal reactions in the brain, which release serotonin and dopamine. These hormones produce a sensation of pleasure and well-being that improves anxiety and mild states of depression. Cortisol levels, the so-called "stress hormone," are also lowered.

Dancing encourages social interaction and increases self-esteem

Dancing is a great activity that promotes interpersonal relationships. It is especially beneficial for people who may have symptoms of depression and anxiety, such as older people who live alone. One of the principal characteristics of dance focuses on the objectives achieved. With practice, the advances are tangible, and you feel more confident with your movements, which helps us improve self-esteem.

In conclusion, dancing is an activity that helps us feel happy, that benefits physical and mental health alike. There are different types of dances: jazz, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, Zumba, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, etc. You only have to choose the style that you like the most, and let's all dance!

Extra benefits of having good health

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